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國外自助旅行注意事項:大家使用比價網雖然很方便,但是比價網通常就是號稱把所有訂房網站都納,把全世界什麼雜七雜八有的沒的的訂房網站都放進去,就怕有假的訂房網站,比價網不會負責任的讓你感覺很方便,但也造成了一個風險,可能含有不安全的訂房網站,尤其現在已經傳出「amoma.com」訂房網站,已經有人上當受騙,訂了房之後飯店說沒有跟該網站合作,且聯繫 客服也沒有回應,就是一個詐騙網站,且被騙會求助無門,因為這是「國外網站」,請大家訂房記得要找有信用且多數人也都有經驗的網站啊~(所以現在我也比較懶得用比價網,因為直接上agoda或者booking.com兩家就可以了)


已經有很多很多人受害,有不少外國網站都討論了喔!http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g187768-i20-k7212170-Anyone_heard_of_AMOMA_COM-Italy.html  裡面很多人都提到有問題,但是卻被關閉討論。更恐怖的是有amoma的工作人員會出來講話。

另外一個討論區 http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=89403462 #13 !

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I made a reservation for a hotel on Amoma.com as it was the cheapest. When I arrived at the hotel, they had my reservation but no payment information and would not let me use the reservation without confirmation from Amoma or for me to pay them directly even though Amoma had already withdrew the payment from my credit card account. When I finally got a hold of a Amoma customer service agent, they put me on hold for over an hour as I waited in the hotel lobby. They never did resolve my issue and just kept apologizing. I asked for a refund but they refuse. The hotel insists they were never paid by Amoma and I ended up having to pay for my room again (once to Amoma and once to the hotel). It was a miserable experience and I will never book through Amoma.com again.




agoda. booking.com hotels.com


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